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Social Media and Groups

There are many sites that help you connect with other riders in your area. You can find the following groups on Facebook. If you would like your group added here, contact us.

Meetups are another way to meet other women riders who share the love of riding on 2-wheels. Check out to see what groups are in your area.

Colorado GS Girls – Colorado
Dirty Dames – Arizona
DirtyGirls ADV – PNW
BMW GS Girls – International
PNW GS Girls – PNW
Rainier Ravens – PNW
Women on Wheels – US
Women’s International Motorcycle Association – Worldwide

Attend a Rally or Event

Rallies and Events are a great way to meet and connect with other riders. Rallies offer organized rides, ADV exhibitors and competitions. SheADV has a presence at various rallies around the country. Look for our booth!

Visit our Calendar for a list of rallies and events in your area. If you would like your rally added here, and on the Calendar, contact us.

Sign up for a Class or Camp

Attending a class or camp not only builds skills, it builds friendships! Camps are fun weekends full of training drills, ADV information, and practicing your riding skills under the watchful eye of experienced instructors.

Check out our list of Training Schools and instructors in N. America.

Receive Inspiration from other Women Riders

From newbies to veteran riders, the women featured in Women Who Ride all have unique and inspiring stories to tell. Many have shared their life-changing adventures in their blogs. Some operate successful moto-related businesses. Check out Women Who Ride and receive inspiration directly from the source.