First Ever SheADV Backcountry IronChef Competition – A Big Hit!

The SheADV Barn at the 2017 Touratech Rally West in Plain, WA was filled with laughter, cheers and the aroma of unique – never before prepared – dishes comprised of the likes of smoked oysters, potato chips, green onions, and of course…Cocoa Puffs. Four brave contestants – Sue, Brent, Rob, and Eric were given 25 minutes to create a meal of a lifetime using four ingredients blindly picked from a box – plus an additional ‘surprise’ challenge ingredient. Dishes were judged on Taste, Presentation, Use of ‘secret’ ingredient, and Level of Difficulty. The audience was on pins and needles as the clock counted down and Chef judges Kay Miller and Gary Anderson perused, and at times, reluctantly tasted each and every one of the unparalleled dishes prepared using typical camp kitchen gear, odd (but moto-packable!) ingredients and minimal spices. Huge THANKS goes out to Trailmaster Adventure Gear for donating the awesome Grand Prize…a stainless steel, collapsible TrailSide grill, and photographer Angela Goodman for┬áproviding all the great rally photos.