Kay’s Pot Cozy

By Kay Miller.

A pot cozy is an insulated blanket to keep your food warm while it is rehydrating. It’s the perfect way to reduce the amount of fuel you will use, keep your food warm for longer, the ability to hold your pot in one hand without burning your hand, and you do not need to simmer your food so it will not burn to the bottom of your pan.

It took me less than an hour and just a few bucks to make mine.

My pan of choice is 3 cup stainless steel kettle. It is large enough to boil water for my hot drink and meal in one pot.

Now to be honest I have not trail tested my pot cozy yet. I will give it its first use when I travel to the Overland Rally Expo West in Flagstaff this May. Stay tuned and I will give my full review of this great idea.

In the meantime please google Pot Cozy and see all the cool ideas and reviews of this great homemade idea. Of course this product can be purchase already make but think of the pride of ownership when using something that you custom made on the trail

Happy Trail Cooking!