Plan Your Ride 2017-12-03T20:10:41-08:00

Plan Your Ride


In our gear section, we will show you how to pack for an ADV ride, what to pack and provide gear reviews from other riders. Visit our Gear section.

  • How to pack your motorcycle efficiently

  • Suggestions on packing light and reviews of lightweight gear

  • Check out our own gear packing list

  • Read other rider reviews of gear

Route Planning

SheADV Ambassador Jill Oliver created this interactive map to make it easy to plan your next adventure. Visit our Route Planning section

  • Create a Safety Plan

  • Keep an eye on the weather

  • Find local spots for libations and coffee

  • Check for local forest fires

SheADV Chef Kay Miller

Our own local rider Kay Miller will show you how to make easy simple recipes for on the road, what to pack for your meals and how to pack. Read other rider reviews of cooking gear. Visit our SheADV Chef section

  • Get simple recipes that are easy to make

  • Learn how to shop local gas might be surprised

  • Read reviews of camp gear