Riding the Dalton Highway

By Heather Lea.

Here’s an excerpt from a Two Part series shared with SheADV from Heather and Dave’s blog, Riding Full Circle.

On Aug. 15, 2016 Dave and I brought Frankenbike home from the bike-ospital. We had it for about three minutes when I noticed there was no odometer reading or any other working component on the dash. Dave rode it back to Outpost BMW and after a quick assessment it was determined to be the work of an over-enthusiastic pressure washer. Phew.

With the bike back and ready for action, Dave and I looked for a good weather window to ride the Dalton Highway north to Deadhorse, Ak, North America’s most northern road-accessible settlement. We’d heard time and again from motorcyclists and other travellers that the Dalton was not a place you wanted to be when the weather was poor. We had a five-day weather window starting in about two days, so planned to head north on Aug. 17…Continue reading this story on Riding Full Circle.