A case for upgrading your stock lights

By Steph Terrien The stock low beam lights on my BMW GS F650 twin were barely visible, and had little range. Even the high beams left me unsatisfied so I made it a personal rule to not ride at night – unless circumstances are [...]

Kay’s Pot Cozy

By Kay Miller. A pot cozy is an insulated blanket to keep your food warm while it is rehydrating. It's the perfect way to reduce the amount of fuel you will use, keep your food warm for longer, the ability to hold your pot [...]

Cardo Scala Communications System

By Richelle Redekop When I first started riding, I was vehemently against the idea of helmet communication systems. Riding was my ‘me’ time, the last thing I wanted to do was listen to the inane chatter of someone talking just for the sake of [...]

A Woman’s Take on Klim Men’s Latitude Pants

By Richelle Redekop. This summer I had the misfortune of discovering just how miserable riding for 10 days in pouring rain could be. It turns out that sitting for hours in a puddle of water because somehow your pants let water in but not [...]

Klim Women’s Altitude Jacket

By Richelle Redekop. After a recent bike trip through Northern British Columbia and the Yukon was cut short by an unfortunate combination of sub par motorcycle gear, biting cold and constant torrential downpours I vowed to begin the search for some proper bike gear. [...]

Optimus Crux Lite Cook Stove & Terra Solo Cook Set

The Optimus Crux is a durable and dependable canister stove with a unique storage trick. The Crux has a folding burner head, making it one of the most compact canister stoves on the market. It comes in a soft case that will nest in [...]

MSR Alpine Dish Brush/Scraper

The MSR Alpine Dish Brush is one of the most used and appreciated items in my camp kitchen kit.  Although I tend to have little to no leftovers after cooking, inevitably there remains a small amount of food stuck on the pan or pot. [...]

Cook Book Review – Recipes for Adventure

Recipes for Adventure - Healthy, Hearty & Homemade Backpacking Recipes The Ultimate Guide to Dehydrating Food for the Trail By Chef Glenn McAllister I love this book! When it was delivered from Amazon I greedily read it cover to cover. Recipes for Adventure provides a [...]

Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

By Jessica Leyne. Review of the Leatt Neck Brace ADV II - KTM-Edition When I first started riding, I mounted my GoPro on top of my helmet just like many beginning off road riders. I got stuck a lot in bushes because the camera operated [...]